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2023   red - L Gallery, 'Patterns in My Mind', Daejeon, South Korea

2022   Chonnam National University, 'Memories of Colors', Gwangju, South Korea

2022   Realti Gallery, 'Fantastic Vision', Daegu, South Korea


2022   Eoul Art Center, 'Goya's Room - Fantastic Vision', Daegu, South Korea

2022   Gallery Fatima, 'Painting for My Dad', Daegu, South Korea


2022   Gallery Tom, 'Memories of Colors', Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

2020   Gallery H, 'Memories of Colors', Daegu, South Korea

2020   Omoke Gallery, 'A Ghost Writer's Confession', Daegu, South Korea

2019    Jeonin Hospital Gallery, “The Shades of White”, Daegu, South Korea

2017    Suseong Artpia, “Poet of Light”, Daegu, South Korea

2015   Gallery A&D, “Artist of the Day”, Daegu, South Korea

2015    Gallery Ar, “Kim Yoon Kyung”, Daegu, South Korea

2015    Gallery DM, “White Void Room”, Chilgok, South Korea

2014    Art Factory, “Chungchun Exhibition 9”, Daegu, South Korea

2013    Gachang Art Studio Residency, “11th Members Solo Exhibition”, Daegu, South Korea

2013    Project B Gallery, “My Strange Still Life Painting Part2”, Daegu, South Korea

2013    Godo Gallery, “My Strange Still Life Painting”, Seoul, South Korea

2012    The K Gallery, “Call for Artists 2012”, Seoul, Korea

2011     Gatov Gallery, “M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition”, Long Beach, CA, USA

2010    CU Gallery, “The Luminous Mystery”, Daegu, South Korea

2005   Space 129, “Kim Yoon Kyung”, Daegu, South Korea


2022   Seo-Gu Cultural Center, 'The 3column', Daegu, South Korea


2022  Daegu Art Factory, 'The Symposium of Image', Daegu, South Korea

2022   Bongsan Cultural Center, '2022 GAP', Daegu, South Korea


2021   Daegu Art Factory, 'Flexible Hysteria', Daegu, South Korea

2021   Daegu Art Factory, 'Modern Times', Daegu, South Korea

2021   Beomeo Art Street, 'Uncanny Sense', Daegu, South Korea

2021   Gallery STILL, 'Mutually Different, Points of Contact', Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

2020   Artground hQ, 'Sun, Rise, Sun', Ulsan, South Korea

2020   K Museum of Contemporary Art, 'Sweet Pop', Seoul, South Korea

2020   Eoul Arts Center, '2020 Eoul's View Project', Daegu, South Korea

2019    Eoul Arts Center, “Another Ceremony”, Daegu, South Korea

2019    Smiling Arts Center, “The Face of Daegu”, Daegu, South Korea

2018    b Space, “[b]list Special”, Daegu, South Korea

2017    Gallery Sagye, “2017 Center of Daegu”, Daegu, South Korea

2017    Shinsegae Gallery, “Gyeongju Namsan_Silla’s Treasure”, Daegu, South Korea

2017    Art Center PPlus, “Seoul Art Expo 2017”, Seoul, South Korea

2016    Bonsan Cultural Center, “White Void Room”, Daegu, South Korea

2015    B Communication, “bracket International Exhibition”, Daegu, South Korea

2014    Art Factory, “Chungchun Special”, Daegu, South Korea

2014   DGB Gallery, “2 Persons Show’, Daegu, South Korea

2013    Gallery H, “Bling Bling”, Daegu, South Korea

2012    CAI02, “Nomadic Imagination”, Sapporo, Japan

2009   MJ Gallery, “Love”, Daegu, South Korea

2008   C Gallery, “The Present”, Daegu, South Korea

2007  Bongsan Cultural Center, “Artists-Design the City”, Daegu, South Korea


2021  Busan International Art Fair, Bexco, Busan, South Korea

2020  Busan International Art Fair, Bexco, Busan, South Korea

2019    Saatchi Art, “The Other Art Fair”, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2019    Gyeongnam International Art Fair, Changwon Convention Center, South Korea

2019    Stairs, Youngmu Yedaum, Daegu, South Korea

2018   Art Center PPlus, “Harbour Art Fair”, Kowloon, Hong Kong



“My Strange Still-Life Painting”, Korea Appraisal Board, Daegu, South Korea, Acquired 2013

“The Luminous Mysterious”, Catholic Archdiocese of Daegu, South Korea, Acquired 2008


"Zoom in Artist", Daegu Foundation for Culture, YouTube, January 2022

"Drawing for Hope Project", Daegu Art Museum, YouTube 6'11"-6'46", August 2020

"Daegu Podcast, 대담하소', YouTube July 2020

"My Art World", Daegu Art Museum, YouTube July 2020

“Happy Art Neighbors”, Cancer Free, Vol6, October 2019, page 56-59

“Shades of White”, [b]racket, Issue33, July 2017, page 12-15

“Daegu Woman”, Woman Joins, March 2017, page 89

“Three Perfect Days in Seoul”, Hemispheres, November 2017, page 50

“Young Artists of Daegu”, Woman Life, September 2016, page 128-133

“Californians”, KBS TV, April 2012, 4minutes 



11th Art Residency Program, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, South Korea 2021

Spotlight on Asia Saatchi Art Online, 2014

Art Residency Program Gachang Art Studio, Daegu, South Korea 2012-13

New York Direct Art Awards Direct Art Magazine, NY, USA, 2010

The Arts Scholarships California State University, CA, USA, 2009




ARTMAP CRITIC, Joined 2019

REALTIART, Founding Member, Curator, Joined 2017

The Daegu Compass Web Magazine, Writer in Arts and Culture, 2018

[B]racket Art Magazine, Staff, Translator, Writer, 2015-2018

Daegu Contemporary Artist Association, 2004-2008




California State University, M.F.A., Drawing and Painting, 2012

Kyungpook National University, M.F.A., Western Painting, 2005

Daegu Catholic University, B.F.A., Art Science, 2002

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