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2021 Busan International Art Fair

Busan International Art Fair is a ‘new type of big open art market’ where artists and art lovers can have direct transactions for artworks at a reasonable price. When the art market, the foundation of art development, is activated, the base of our country's art will be expanded and the creation of artists will be active. In the meantime, we pursue going beyond just an art exhibition and contribute to 'a world, living all together'. We welcome the talented artists to the Busan International Art Fair, 'the wave of colors' and 'the sea of art', where you can see the present and the future of modern art.

Host / Managed by : K-ART International Exchange Association

Exhibition Period : (Thu) Dec. 1 - (Mon) Dec. 5, 2022 [5 days] (TBD)

Exhibition Venue : BEXCO Exhibition Center II, Busan, Republic of Korea

- Media Press 10:00-11:15

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