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2020 Busan International Art Fair

Title : 2020 Busan International Art Fair with UNICEF

Slogan : Distant, yet Connected

Period : (Thur) December 3 ~ (Mon) December 7, 2020

Venue : BEXCO Exhibition Center II, 4-C, D, E, F, Busan

As the representative art fair of Asia, the 19th 2020 Busan International Art Fair (2020 BIAF) is a new form of direct art market where local and foreign contemporary artists and consumers have transactions face to face, and it is an Asia’s grand art festival for the public to enjoy altogether.

In this year’s BIAF, we newly selected 124 pieces of ‘The Last Masterpieces of the USSR in the 20th Century’ following the previous year. And we chose virtuosos, leading and emerging artists who are engaging actively in South Korea, Germany, the United States, Rumania, etc, presenting around 3,000 diverse art pieces with about 250 contemporary artists from 7 different countries. It draws great attention from many contemporary art aficionados at home and abroad.

Especially, BIAF in this year aims at the Asia’s best art fair preparing 40 invitation booths for the rising artists, so that we give them a chance, let the viewers encounter unique and fresh artworks equipped with young sense which cannot be seen anywhere else in all parts of the country. Also, people can possess one or more pieces at a reasonable price.

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